True Core Imaging

True Core Imaging™ allows precise, three-dimensional, fiber inner-core alignment prior to splicing, resulting in efficient, low-loss splices even on dissimilar fibers.

Features & Benefits

  • True Core Imaging technologyEfficient, low-loss splicing
  • Proprietary algorithmAccurately calculates splice loss
  • Vision-based alignmentSimple, repeatable, accurate fiber alignment
  • End-view featureUnique rotational alignment capability for PM, non-symmetric or concentric fibers
True Core Imaging is the high-magnification, high-resolution optical imaging system integrated into all of our splicing systems that detects and displays a fiber’s inner core structure. It calculates and allows accurate alignment in the X and Y plane as well as rotational alignment through its unique end-view feature. This vision-based alignment, combined with 0.01-µm stepper motor, is used for precise fiber core positioning prior to splicing, and also for accurate splice loss determination afterward. A proprietary algorithm calculates splice loss for a variety of similar or dissimilar fiber types. Additionally, it can be interfaced to external test and measurement equipment, such as power meters, spectrum analyzers and polarimeters.
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