All-In-One Workstation

Vytran’s all-in-one workstation approach to fiber splicing enhances customers’ efficiency and production throughput.

Features & Benefits

  • All-in-one workstationStreamlines R&D and production processes
  • Unique filament fusion technologyCreates high-strength, low-loss splices
  • True Core Imaging technologyEfficient, low-loss splicing
  • Intuitive GUISimple system operation, user control and comprehensive system interface
Our unique all-in-one workstations combine all fusion splicing steps into single systems, minimizing the time and labor required to move a fiber through the fusion splicing process. This streamlined approach to fiber splicing results in repeatable, consistent and significantly higher throughput production.

All Vytran workstations use our proven filament fusion technology for the highest strength, lowest loss splices. They also use the same fiber holding blocks from one process step to another, so set up is simple and convenient. The systems incorporate True Core Imaging™, a high-resolution imaging system that enables fast, accurate core alignment and splice loss calculation. An intuitive GUI allows complete process configuration and control, and a networkable database lets users record all splicing data.
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